Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust

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The Parys Mountain penny was first struck in 1787 and continued in various forms (and a number of forgeries) until 1817.  Halfpennies were also made.  It is believed that altogether over 10 million coins were issued.

AIHT - Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust

The Trust (Patron, the Marquess of Anglesey) was established in 1997.

Its aims are:

In 1998 the Trust applied for funding from various sources to further its work. Since then a viewing platform overlooking the Great Open Cast has been built, a car park for visitors provided and extensive work done at Amlwch Port, including the provision of a visitor centre.

The Trust has ambitious plans for extensive restoration works of the old workings at Parys Mountain and during 2001-02 was appluing for funding to further these aims. The creation of 'The Copper Kingdom' for visitors to the Mountain is also part of the Trust's objectives.

These developments at Parys Mountain would be complementary to the company's works on the Morris Shaft and the new mine which is in a different area from the old workings. It is anticipated that visitors would be able to visit both the old workings and the planned new processing plant and thus see over 4,000 of mining history. No conflict is envisaged between the restoration and tourism activities and the development of the new mine.

For up to date information about the Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust and its activities please visit the Copper Kingdom website.