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The Parys Mountain penny was first struck in 1787 and continued in various forms (and a number of forgeries) until 1817.  Halfpennies were also made.  It is believed that altogether over 10 million coins were issued.

Parys Mountain - A Special Place


Ownership of the mountain was divided, leading to the development of two separate mines, the Mona Mine to the East and Parys Mine to the West.

Legal disputes marked the early mining until both mines came under the control of Thomas Williams (Twm chwarae teg - "Tom fair play"), a local lawyer from Llanidan. He became a major British industrialist of his time, equal in prowess to the Wilkinsons, Boulton and Watt, and someone of whom Anglesey can be justly proud. Under his astute management Amlwch came to dominate the world's copper markets at its peak in the 1780s when a workforce of several thousand was employed at the mines.

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