Record of voting at the AGM held on 24 September 2010

The directors are pleased to report that all resolutions were passed on a show of hands.
The valid proxies recorded in respect of voting at the meeting were as follows:

Resolution Votes in favour Votes against Votes withheld
1. To receive and adopt the report and accounts 80,002,018 750 0
2. To approve the directors’ remuneration report 79,991,176 750 10,842
3. To elect as a director John Kearney who is retiring by rotation 76,532,018 3,470,750 0
4. To elect as a director Ian Cuthbertson who is retiring by rotation 80,001,518 1,250 0
5. To re-elect Danesh Varma as a director 74,827,417 3,474,851 1,700,500
6. To reappoint Mazars LLP as the auditors 79,995,217 4,851 2,800
7. To authorise the directors to fix the auditors’ remuneration 80,000,239 750 1,779
8. To grant the directors powers to allot shares. 76,515,346 3,477,651 9,571
9. To disapply pre-emption rights on allotments of shares for cash in certain limited circumstances. 76,522,838 3,477,651 2,279
10. To permit the calling of a general meeting (but not an AGM) at 14 days notice. 79,994,117 7,901 750
11. To adopt new articles of association. 79,994,088 4,851 3,829

Total voting rights

The issued ordinary share capital of the company is 153,158,051 shares with voting rights; there are no shares in treasury.

The above figure may be used by shareholders as the denominator for the calculations which will determine whether they are required to notify their interest in the company, or any change to that interest, under the FSA’s Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

About Anglesey Mining plc

Anglesey Mining with its LSE main board listing is primarily focused on its 41% interest in LIM. In addition to any new projects that may be brought forward the company owns 100% of Parys Mountain in North Wales with an historical resource in excess of 7 million tonnes at over 9% combined copper, lead and zinc.

For further information contact:
Ian Cuthbertson, Finance Director +44 (0) 1248 361333
Emily Fenton/Charlie Geller,
Conduit PR +44 (0) 20 7429 6608 / +44 (0) 7788 554035
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