28 April 2009

Directors' shareholdings

Following the exercise of share options announced on 23 April 2009, the company
has been notified of the following transaction in respect of the new ordinary
shares issued:

On 27 April 2009 Howard Miller sold 300,000 ordinary shares of 1 pence each at
4.0p per share; his interest in the company's ordinary voting share capital
following this transaction is

                   Number of   Number of   % of issued

Director            options     ordinary       ordinary

                                       shares        shares

Howard Miller   700,000           0              0.5


About Anglesey Mining

Anglesey Mining plc is a UK based company listed on the London Stock Exchange with a 50% interest in a 90 million ton iron ore project in Labrador, Canada, which is under active development towards mining production. The company also holds the Parys Mountain base metals project with a historical resource of 7.7 million tonnes at 9.3% combined copper, lead and zinc in Anglesey, UK.

For further information:

Ian Cuthbertson, Finance Director   +(44) 1248 361333