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2 May 2002

Grant of share options

Anglesey Mining plc announces that options to purchase ordinary 1 pence shares in the company have been granted to the following directors on 2 May 2002 -

Name No. of new options Exercise price in pence Total options held after this grant Exercise period for new options
Ian Cuthbertson   300,000   2.0  900,000   3 May 2005 to 2 May 2012
David Lean           300,000   2.0  300,000   3 May 2002 to 2 May 2009
Howard Miller        300,000   2.0  300,000   3 May 2002 to 2 May 2009


There is a performance criterion to be met in respect of each of these share options, namely that the company's share price performance from the date of grant must exceed that of the companies in the top quartile of the FTSE 100 index. Each option was granted for nominal consideration.

The share options granted to David Lean and Howard Miller, both non-executive directors, are under the terms of the company's Unapproved Option Scheme and the option granted to Ian Cuthbertson, finance director, was made under the terms of the company's 1992 Executive Approved Share Option Scheme.


Contacts :

Ian Cuthbertson, Finance director, (44) 1248 361333

John F. Kearney, Chairman, (1) 416 362 6686

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