John Kearney, chairman

Irish, born 1951, has been in the mining industry since leaving University. He is a director of several public resource companies. Those listed in the UK include Anglesey and Minco plc.

Throughout his career he has worked with the Northgate Group, the developer of the Irish mineral industry, firstly in Ireland at Tynagh, Gortdrum and the Tara mine (now owned by Outoukumpu and the largest zinc mine in Europe). In 1981 he was appointed executive vice president at Northgate's head office in Toronto and succeeded Pat Hughes as president of Northgate in 1987 and as chairman in 1992; he has since resigned. Under Mr. Kearney's direction, Northgate operated the Copper Rand, Portage and Lemoine mines at Chibougamou, Quebec, the Campbell Resources and Joe Mann mines, also in Quebec, the Sonora gold mine in California, the Colomac mine in Canada's North West Territories and the Choquelimpie mine in Chile as well as investments in other companies and operations in north and south America and Australia.

He was appointed chairman of Anglesey in late 1994 and lead the corporate re-organisation and re-capitalisation of the company during 1995 and 1996 leading to the re-establishment of Anglesey as an active minerals company in 1997. He is also chairman of Canadian Zinc Corporation, Minco plc and Conquest Resources Limited and a director of the Mining Association of Canada

He holds degrees in Law and Economics from University College, Dublin and an MBA from Trinity College, Dublin. He is qualified as a solicitor with the Law Society of Ireland and as a chartered secretary with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of London.

He has presented papers, a number of which have been published, at conventions and meetings on topics including mining, mergers and acquisitions, and mine financing. He is a member of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, the Prospectors and Developers Society of Canada and the Law Society of Ireland.

Bill Hooley, chief executive

Bill Hooley, born 1947, has extensive experience in Australia, the UK and North America in mineral project development and assessment. A graduate in Mining Engineering from Imperial College, Royal School of Mines, he is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. He has worked for a number of major mining companies as well as running a number of junior mining companies. Prior to joining Anglesey, he was managing director of Micon International Co Limited, the internationally respected minerals consulting group.

Danesh Varma, finance director

Canadian, born 1950, is a chartered accountant and a fellow of the Institute of Taxation. He is president of American Resource Corporation and Dundee Bancorp (India) Private Limited. He is also a director of a number of many resource companies including Westfield Minerals Limited and Northgate Exploration Limited.


Non-executive directors

David Lean

Australian, born 1946, non-executive director, is a chartered accountant. He has many years experience in the mining industry most of which was with major base and precious metal mining houses in Australia, Europe and Canada. These included: Australian Mining & Smelting (now Pasminco, which was the Australian lead/zinc division of CRA/RTZ); Boliden, a major base and precious metals mining and smelting company in Sweden; and Curragh Inc., formerly a major lead, zinc and silver mining company in Canada. He was primarily involved in the commercial aspects of the industry. More recently his involvement in the mining industry has been in trading mineral products. He is also a director and financial controller of a public company in the USA not involved in mining

Howard Miller

British, born 1944, non-executive director, is a lawyer experienced in the legal and financial sector in the UK, Southern Africa and Canada. He is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Avnel Gold Mining Limited, a Toronto listed company, which operates the Kalana gold mine in Mali and is also developing a large open-pit gold mine at Kalana in Mali.

He has been particularly involved in the financing of resource related companies. He was formerly a director and chief executive of Tahera Corporation, a Toronto listed company engaged in the exploration and development of diamond deposits in Canada’s Northwest Territories, and previously a director and chairman of Nelson Resources Limited (formerly Nelson Gold Corporation Ltd.), a Toronto listed company, which operated a gold mine in Tajikistan.